Thursday, October 15, 2009

Conspiracy Time!

After dismantling the Rockies in the clinching game of the NLDS, the Phillies were to have flown directly to Los Angeles in preparation for tonight’s National League Championship Series rematch against the Dodgers. And then… the Phils were bamboozled!

Surely, flying from Colorado directly to LA would’ve made the most rational sense. To take a flight from Colorado to Philly only to turn around a day later and take yet another cross country trip is an overly complicated ordeal. I don’t care who you are, that’s some physically and mentally exhausting stuff.

Well, things didn't go quite as planned. Our beloved Phillies had no choice but to take an unnecessary flight back home. Why, you ask? Well the official word is that the LA hotel decided to give away the reservations the Phillies organization had procured. Yup, that’s right. They just gave them away. Those rapscallions.

Apparently, the unnamed LA hotel didn’t have much faith in the Phillies beating Colorado.

Said Frank Coppenbarger, the Phillies Director of Team Travel and Clubhouse Service, “They took the sure business over the maybe business”.

So that’s it, right? Just a business decision. Psssh…I think not. I’m not buying it. Something foul is afoot here.

Could it be that:

A).  The LA hotel gave away the rooms on purpose in an attempt to give their Dodgers a physical edge to begin the series?

B).  The Assistant to the Traveling Secretary dropped the ball and in turn, gave the screw job to the very organization they work for?

C).  It was the Dodgers all along?!?!?  Maybe they were the mystery buyer who came along at the last minute.  Maybe they bought up the Phillies rooms.  Maybe they wanted to stick it to the Phils before the series even began.  Maybe......the Dodgers are a bunch of bitches.

What do you think??

[the answer is 'C.'  The Dodgers are indeed bitches]


  1. I did not hear about that. But now that I am informed, i'm both angry and upset. I demand a recount, oh wait, I mean I demand an explination. But to be honest, Phils win in 6 despite the ordeal, all they did was pour gasoline on an already burning fire!

  2. Not mentioned in the above story, the conspiracy of Cole Hamels winding up booked at the LA branch of the YMCA ...

    (cause he's a fag.)