Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Some Mexican Offensive Line Dude New Eagles DC

I shouldn't say "some." It's Juan Castillo folks. Fat Andy chooses what's behind door #3, Jeff Lurie saves a couple bucks, and the Eagles promote in-house again and move the 13-year vet offensive line coach to DC. On the surface this makes no sense. Dig a little deeper and it makes less sense. Go a even deeper. You feel that? It makes sense.

1. The guys they really wanted didn't want to take the job. Whoever it was -- they didn't get him. If the Eagles want to sell me that they were gonna hire Castillo for DC all along that's fine. I just don't have to buy it.

2. Andy Reid sees some of himself in Juan Castillo. Not in a gay way though.  At least twice The Big Oxycontin mentioned that he himself was given a shot at head coach without ever being a coordinator. There's no doubt that Andy felt he got the shot to be a head coach through hard work, and the guy recognizes that Castillo has been a stellar coach and hard worker for a long time now.

3. Nobody knows the team better than Juan. Thirteen years with the eagles. The dude coached under Ray Rhodes. Look at this shit:

Who the fuck is Jerry Crafts? Castillo has been here for forever.

4. He comes cheap. At least cheaper than some of the alternatives.

5. They didn't get guy they really wanted.  Seriously, they couldn't have.  

The downside here is, of course, the fear that Juan Castillo just doesn't know shit about defense and that he falls flat on his face. Very probable.  But apparently the guy is one of those extremely hard-working, come-into-work-at-3AM types who has been asked to consult with Jim Johnson and other coaches on defensive matters. I mean he's Mexican so of course he works hard (don't get mad that's actually a great stereotype to have, Mexicans). I dunno...dude just seemed inarticulate and Andy was answering for him in the press conference. I worry that he's one of those loud rah-rah types who don't quite get the X's & O's and ends up losing the players cause he doesn't know what he's talkin about.  See: Singletary, Mike. I don't wanna see Asante looking at this motherfucker like "that whole plan doesn't make any sense."

I dunno.  He's been here long as hell and has an epic story to tell.  Maybe it'll inspire people.  Maybe they'll be terrible.  Do work, Juan.


  1. Aparently he was a lb coordinator prior to being hired as o-line coach by eagles. and also, it's been said the players LOVE to play for this guy. So two positives there. Also, i feel it's a temp fix anyway till they fire the whole staff after 2011-2012 season (Andy included) and start fresh after another 1 and done post season!

  2. I love me some Joe Panos.

  3. Castillo has very sexy eyes