Friday, October 23, 2009

Dolla Dolla Bills Yall - Week 7

It's Friday everybody - the Shark is back with his NFL spead picks.  Looking at this week's card, there are a lot of tough matchups to pick against the spread.  This will be a hard week, no doubt about it.  If I were smart, I probably would steer clear of 9 of these games.  But, since I'm not and neither are you, we'll dive in anyway.

Get come the Shark's picks for Week 7. Presents...Your Fantasy Basketball Big Board

The NBA season will be in full swing in less than a week, and we have compiled a Top 50 list of players to help you get through the first 5 rounds of your fantasy draft.  If you pay attention and do as we say, you should end up with a pretty solid core of players to build upon later in the draft.  Don't be the dope who reaches 3 rounds too high for a guy or passes up a potential stud because you think you know more than you actually do.  So without further ado, here it is -'s 2009-2010 Fantasy Basketball Big Board.

Live by it.  Draft by it.  Win by it.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Philadelphia Phillies: Your 2009 National League Champions

Onto the Classic.

The Philadelphia Phillies have defeated the Dodgers 10-4 and will head to the World Series for the second straight year. The team looks great from top to bottom and will await the winner of the Angels and Yankees.


Wednesday, October 21, 2009

NFL Week 7 Power Rankings

There are robot sharks out there. Watch out.

Game 5 Preview: Padilla vs. Hamels

Tonight, our Philadelphia Phillies have a chance to clinch their 2nd straight National League Pennant. After Monday's thrilling, walk-off win, the anticipation for tonight's game couldn't be higher. Charlie Manuel will send last October's hero, Cole Hamels, to the mound. Joe Torre and the Dodgers? They counter with Vicente Padilla.

Uno Mas

Here we are, just 8 hours away from Game 5 of the NLCS. Just hours away from a possible repeat as National League Champions. It will be glorious. And maybe the start of something even better.

Observations from the Bench

Just as the NBA preseason was about to tip off, I had the opportunity to accompany a buddy of mine to a Sixers practice, scrimmage, and meet-and-greet session with the players. All season ticket holders got the open invite to come out and see how the 2009/2010 squad is shaping up.

These are my observations.

Will Witherspoon's Madden Ratings

So who did we just trade for? Peep Will Witherspoon's complete Madden 10 ratings after the jump.

You know you wanna see...

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

ACTUAL NEWS: Eagles acquire Will Witherspoon from Rams

According to
the Eagles have acquired linebacker Will Witherspoon from the Rams for receiver Brandon Gibson and a 2010 draft pick.


Ass Meat

Wow, catch of glimpse of some action out the Yankees dugout after the jump.  Whatever happend to "good game"?

Monday, October 19, 2009

Jimmy F'in Rollins

Jimmy F'in Rollins.

Enough said.


NLCS Game 4 Preview

As the anticipation builds for tonight's game, I figure I should throw some statistics (or useless banter) your way that should keep the confidence at a high level. Now I understand everyone threw statistics at you all last week that said, "There is no way in hell the Raiders beat the Eagles," and then the Raiders promptly beat the Eagles. But fear not, the Phillies are actually a good team that has yet to let us down. So, until they do, I have no worries when it comes to this team.

On a Brighter Note...

Lets hear it for the Phillies! They completely ran over a lifeless Dodger team from first pitch to final out last night. It gave us all a reason to smile on day that would've otherwise thrown us into a downward spiral of depression.

Eagles 9, Raiders 13: Pointing Fingers!

Okay, so I was wrong about the blowout. It's happened before, it may or may not happen again. I haven't felt this type of resentment towards the Eagles since the tie game debacle against the Bengals last year. The game was a disgusting display that nearly ruined my Sunday (thank you Phillies). Offensive inefficiency, poor tackling, missed field goals...every facet of the game got Munsoned. But there are some out there who deserve more blame than others. I'm pointing fingers!