Friday, October 23, 2009

Dolla Dolla Bills Yall - Week 7

It's Friday everybody - the Shark is back with his NFL spead picks.  Looking at this week's card, there are a lot of tough matchups to pick against the spread.  This will be a hard week, no doubt about it.  If I were smart, I probably would steer clear of 9 of these games.  But, since I'm not and neither are you, we'll dive in anyway.

Get come the Shark's picks for Week 7.

Home teams are in CAPS.  Now lets make some money.

Vikings (+5) over STEELERS
This was the toughest game on the board to pick.  You can really make an arguement for either team here and I wouldn't disagree.  I'll take the points and hope for the best.

Patriots (-15) over BUCCANEERS
After what the Pats did last week, there's no way you go against them here.  Especially considering the opponent is Tampa.  While the Bucs are listed as the home team, this game is actually being played in London.  Great game for them to see.  I'm sure they'll love seeing one team pound the other in a game that will be over by the 2nd quarter.

Chargers (-5) over Chiefs
To be honest, the Chiefs might be the smarter play as far as trends go.  They have covered their last 3 games - two of them against the Giants and Cowboys.  But we'll go with the Chargers because they're in a desperate spot and are already in a must-win situation after a month.  They need to win big.

TEXANS (-3) over 49ers
I really like this game.  The Texans are better than their record shows.  They've played teams tough and had some final drive losses.  Nothing against the 49ers, but I like Houston to build on last weeks' momentum.

BROWNS (+7) over Packers
Packers aren't as good as many people think they may be.  Granted the Browns blow.  But I'll take them here at home and the points.  Just a gut feeling.

Colts (-14) over RAMS
Could you really bet on the Rams?  They're terrible.  There's no reason the Colts won't roll here, and you should roll right with them.

RAIDERS (+7) over Jets
If you haven't heard, the Raiders had a huge win last week and their running back thinks that a wacky pigeon is a dead teammate.  The Jets on the other hand are getting some awful quarterback play from Sanchez (something the Raiders can certainly sympathize with) and lost Kris Jenkins for the year.  Add in to the mix that Jerricho Cotchery (Sanchez's favorite target) is doubtful and the Jets may very well lose outright.

Bills (+7) over PANTHERS
Panthers are a bad football team.  So are the Bills.  Take your pick.  It doesn't matter.  Seriously, why are you looking up such a boring game to begin with?

Falcons (+4) over COWBOYS
I like Atlanta for the straight win here.  Only problem with that - so does everybody else.  This might be a trap game.  If your gut is saying Cowgirls, go with it.  The Shark will forgive you for going against him.  This time.

Bears (+1) over BENGALS
Another team I like to win outright.  I do not buy the Bengals at all.  They aren't as good as their record.  Last week, I think they were exposed a little for what they are.  Look for the Bears to capitalize.

Saints (-7) over DOLPHINS
The best offense in the league has a great defense to go along with it.  I don't see any Wildcat plays working in this matchup.  The Saints are clicking on all cylinders and couldn't be playing better football.

GIANTS (-7) over Cardinals
Bounce back game for the Giants here.  They were embarrassed last week.  Plus, the Cardinals are traveling to the east coast.  It has been overstated, but the numbers show west coast teams do not fair well at all in these games.

Eagles (-7) over REDSKINS
Talk about embarrassed...the Eagles need to thrash the Redskins this week.  They have to come out with some fire and blow away a much inferior Washington team.  They need to make a statement that last week was nothing more than aberration and they belong back in the conversation of NFC contender.  Look for them to roll.  And if they don' won't be pretty.

Enjoy the games!

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