Thursday, February 10, 2011

I Bet It Tasted Like Crap

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Well that was unpleasant. I stumbled upon this and felt obligated to force your eyes on it as well. This lady dives deep into her cavernous backside, does a little digging, and decides to take a whiff. Then gives it (what looks to be) a quick lick. WHAT. THE. FUCK. You clearly just dookied your drawers, but for some reason, decided to go back for seconds. My favorite part of this comes after her confirmation sniff when she looks at her friend and as if to say, "Welp, it happened again."

Her actions just boggle my brain. I won't even do an over-the-pants butt scratch in public for fear of someone noticing. It's like a covert mission to accomplish that feat when others are around. Minutes of planning and precise movement go into relieving my itchy buns. If you ever catch me forearm deep in my ass, by all means, bash me in face with a brick. I'll understand.

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