Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Dogmurder / Hogmurder

More people need to believe that Michael Vick is going to have a big year.  Are you a nonbeliever?

Think about it. It's so simple. You bring Vick in the first year -- maybe he's still a good player and maybe he isn't -- but it's worth a couple of million to find out. Plus, you still have Donovan Eff and KK Hogmurder to handle the majority of the dirty work. What do you find out?

He's out of shape. He's not as fast as he once was. The arm is still there, but he's new -- doesn't know any of our schemes or terminology.

But, as the season wears on, we noticed that he got some of those legs back under his speedy, evil frame. Marty and the fat one draw up some creative plays but most don't work because he's not all the way there.

Fast forward to last week. OTA's. By most accounts, Mr. Michael looks much more like his fleet-footed, Nike-commercialed, dog fighting self. Physically, I mean.

From Rotoworld:
"I'm quicker, light on my feet," Vick added. "So I guess somebody missed out this time around. But I'll make it work here, and they'll see." Out of shape last season, Vick was missing his extra gear. Reports from offseason practices suggest he's not exaggerating about regaining his speed. The Eagles expect him to player a bigger role this season than last.
Do the math. First-year starting quarterback + Fit, experienced Mike Vick backup quarterback + Cocksure Too-creative-for-their-good coaches / Trade Bait = Mad plays for Mike Vick. You can take that to the bank's bank.

And while I don't think he's going to get anywhere close to half or even 30% of the plays, I do know that he's going to have a much more prevalent role in short yardage and goal line situations. Plus now he's fast enough to get more than 2 yards on every run.

Don't you remember that MV7 and Jeremy Maclin were the only offense that showed up to Dallas last year?


  1. I feel sorry for all small dogs forced into the 'Puppy Purse'. Anyone who uses this looks absolutely ridiculous and deserves a punch in eye. Look at these dopey bitches...

  2. i love how it explicitly says "pampered elegance" for this product. for who? the dog? because you carrying around a smelly, barky, poopy animal is not pampering yourself nor is it elegant.