Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Rick Reilly Has A Vuvuzela Shoved Up His Hindquarters

Did you happen to catch Reilly’s article over on ESPN today? He seems to be awful bitchy about the World Cup.

Actually, pretty much just the vuvuzela in particular.

He wrote a completely worthless 1100 words outlining the ‘10 most annoying things about watching the World Cup’. You can read it HERE, but seriously, don't waste your time. It's shit.  And let me just take a second to say that I don't hate on Reilly as much as some people do. I'm kind of indifferent towards him. But he really does throw up some lazy nonsense now and then.

The whole thing is a little too 'smug American' to me. He could've been way more creative, but instead just comes off as another American writer bitching about soccer. To be honest, I'm not even sure why he's hating on the World Cup so hard. You don't need to complain about it or try and find ways to ‘improve’ it. It's not an American sport. If you don’t like, that’s cool. Don't watch. I'm not a soccer guy, and don't find the World Cup being forced down my throat at all.

Anyway, if vuvuzelas are what makes Reilly's brain hemorrhage, then I wish him a long Bzzzzzzzzzz'ing death. Wanna help speed that process up? Then download the official vuvuzela app on the iPhone. It’s the number 3 free app in the country right now.


 And if you don’t have an iPhone, you can keep up on all things vuvuzela on twitter at If only Reilly was half as creative or funny as the guy who created that twitter account.

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  1. great vuvuzela pics form thechive, the last one is my favorite: