Friday, August 6, 2010

Further Verification That Cowboys Fans Are Dumpy Morons

Wow, this shit is sadder than Big Fan.  The above man-boy, known only to us as BlueStarShockTrooper, has some choice words for Philadelphia Eagles fans. There's no reason to get angered by his accusations, let alone waste time responding to them. When someone is claiming that your QB is worse than Jon Kitna, I kind of shut my ears off. To me, it's funnier to just let fatty here simmer in his own pathetic worthlessness.  Look at the anger in those chins!

If Jack Nicholson and Lewis Black had a child, and that spawn mated with the Crying Giants Fan, you'd have ol’ ShockTrooper here. He has a couple other Eagle bashing videos on YouTube if you want more of him to laugh at. In THIS ONE, he adds some crusty facial hair that really just looks like he tried wiping his ass with his chin.

This post is also featured on  Check those guys out - funny stuff and they do some real good work.

h/t Bleeding Green Nation

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Oh How I Hope He's Actually Serious

Iggy's return to the Dunk Contest would make a lot of people happy - and not just Sixers fans. Anyone who enjoys Slamdunkery would welcome a bona fide NBA Star(?) in the competition with open arms. I'm pretty sure no one wants Nate Robinson anywhere near the contest for a 4th time and I'm even more certain nobody cares about guys like Gerald Green, Rudy Fernandez, or DeMar DeRozan. God, the past few years have been terrible....

So here's to hoping he's seriously considering the contest again. On behalf of all NBA fans, I promise you won't get boned out of the title like you did in '06. It still pisses me off that THIS DUNK wasn't enough to rightfully crown the champ.

Anyway, shortly after that tweet appeared, Iggy posted this:

Instead, how bout we just take a dump in the back of a movie theater and just wait till somebody sits in it - just wait for it to go 'squish'? Cuz that's funny to me.

You're Either Hilarious, Oblivious, or Lazy

I know, I know, it was hard for me to believe that there's either a black Volvo owner or a white person with a Vick vanity plate, too.

H/T to KissingSuzyKolber

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

2010 Eagles Flight Night: Injury Odds!

Eagles "Flight Night" is tomorrow and to commemorate the second year of this profit-generating glorified practice, we're placing odds on injuries to your favorite players!

As you may recall, the birds lost their starting MLB at last years event to an ACL injury. Maybe it was the curse of Jim Johnson. Maybe it was karma's revenge on an organization that tries to squeeze every last dime from a championship-starved fanbase. Whatever the reason, StewBrad went down and with him so did the Eagles' defensive ferociousness.

So how bout Flight Night 2010? Lets go to the odds-makers!

Sixers Will Surprise Heat in First Game, Lose by only 20

Kate Fagan of is reporting on her "Deep Sixer" blog the Sixers will take on Superteam Heat in their first game of the season. So much for starting 1-0.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Madden Imitating Life or Life Imitating Madden?

All the real Madden fans out there -- the fantasy drafters, the ones who stand in line at midnight, the guy whose combination of dominance and arrogance starts fights amongst his friends and online 15 year-old's alike -- fully understand what's really goin on with LB Moises Fokou now playing DE: Andy Reid is using Madden techniques to increase his stats.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Live From Training Camp...Online Coverage

Am I at Eagles training camp right now live blogging from the sidelines? No.
At I at my computer watching 22-minute long clips of practice highlights? Yes, ma'am.

Some observations taken from the first full-pads practice: