Wednesday, December 30, 2009

The Riot Punch Will Flow: "Always Sunny" Bar Coming to Philly

Looks like It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia is going to come to real life.  Creator Rob McElhenny (better known to you as Mac in the show) is rumored to have purchased a drinking establishment in Olde City.

Obviously this has nothing to do with sports, but alcohol and good times are usually tied right along with it.  Mix in the fact the show is insanely popular (especially in this city), and this immediatley became worthy of alerting the public.  Which really means we read it on someone else's blog  and thought it would be nice to share with you fools. 

Unfortunately the bar will not be called Paddy's Pub, but instead will be known as Mac's Old Towne Tavern.  No word on when it may open, but I'm sure it will be widely publicized.  The bar is going to be a huge draw and bring in a ton of people, cash, and terrible drunk reenactments from the show.

This is probably where I should add in some Always Sunny references, regardless of how tired they may be.  Here we go: Greenman. Nightman. Flipadelphia. Dumpster baby. The D.E.N.N.I.S. system.  Cricket. Karate...and friendship...for everyone. You know the rest.

Courtesy of Warming Glow.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Six Eagles in Pro Browl, None Named Sheldon Brown

Your 2010 NFL Pro Bowl team was named today, and as the title reads, Sheldon Brown was not one of them. Sad news, too, as many believe the reason that Brown hasn't received the notoriety and -- more importantly -- the money he deserves is due to the fact that he's never been an all-star in the league. Fifty-one tackles, five picks, a forced fumble, two touchdowns...and no Pro Bowl. Jason Peters even made it from some reason!  Remember this snub when the Eagles' front office refuses to pay the man this offseason.  

On a brighter note, the Birds are tied for second with six players selected and DeSean Jackson becomes the first player IN THE HISTORY OF THE NFL to be voted in for two separate positions. Congrats to him -- I called a Pro Bowl year for him before the season started.

Peep the full rosters after the jump.

Adrian Peterson's Balls Drop, Eagles Benefit

On behalf of the city of Philadelphia, I would like give a big collective THANK YOU to Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson for loving to fumble footballs.

Your fumble in overtime of Monday night's nationally televised game against the lowly Bears was a thing a beauty. I hope you realize that you’ve done something great for this city by conceding the #2 seed and playoff bye to the Eagles.

So next week in Jerry Jones' Cathedral of Massive Electronics, the Dallas Cowboys and Philadelphia Eagles will battle for not only the NFC East crown, but a much coveted playoff bye week.

This is it. For all the marbles. For the whole, big greasy enchilada. Five days till the biggest game of the regular season.  Sunday at 4:15pm cannot come soon enough.

Go Birds!

Monday, December 28, 2009

Sad Wrinkled Dolphins

So as you probably already know, the Colts lost this weekend. Way to go Curtis Painter, if the Colts run the table the rest of the way, you'll forever be known as the asshat who ruined a chance at history.

I don't know about you folks, but I wanted the Colts to go undefeated. Why? It's not because I'm a Colts fan, nor because I'm a big NFL historian.

The reason?

Eagles 30, Broncos 27: Credit Where it's Due

Even with Dawkins in town, we learned to give kudos to the man who has truly turned around our franchise. D.F. McNabb went 20/35 for 322, 3TDs and 1 INT (to Champ Bailey) on Sunday and led the Birds on a late fourth quarter game-winning drive. Sure, there were long stretches in the second half when the offense was stalled like a women's bathroom, but for the most part we saw the Eagles O humming along due to big plays from our (Hall of Fame?) quarterback. A 47-yard touchdown pass to Celek here, a 27-yard third down scamper there, and a game capped off by a phenomenal sideline throw (and catch) to Jeremy Maclin makes you wonder why we are all so hard on our cornball leader. Oh wait he just threw a screen pass in the dirt. Fuck you, Donovan.

Eagles Lose Jackson For Season

What, REALLY?!?!? Jackson is out for the season? SHIT!