Thursday, September 23, 2010

How To Cheat At ESPN Fantasy Football and Never Get Caught

Cheaters, prepare to rub your hands together in a sinister fashion. Billy (BK) Rios has written a blog entry detailing how easy it is to force fantasy football adds and drops to ANY TEAM IN THE LEAGUE. That's right, you can totally just screw around with a competitor’s squad by adding Reggie Brown to his team and dropping Andre Johnson. You can do all of this from your own ESPN login. Pretty wild stuff. He states that you can even force trades between two unsuspecting teams. It's all done from a flaw in the URL. Change a few numbers - and viola - you are now a cheater fantasy football champion!

Update: We're caught.  ESPN fixed the glitch.  Thanks alot, Deadspin.

Thanks to Matt Liebowitz at MSNBC, anyone who's mildly computer literate can follow BK's step by step instructions. He says he's contacted ESPN about the security flaws so I'd imagine they would be fixed soon.

Below is a screen grab featuring one of the steps. Visit his blog HERE to read the entire entry and see all the steps.

Now QUICK... go fuck up your friends' fantasy hopes and dreams while you still can!


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