Thursday, September 23, 2010

Philadelphian's Rejoice: WILLIE GREEN TRADED!

Take a second to let it sink in: Willie Green is no longer a Sixer. We've been waiting for this moment for oh so long. No longer will we have to see him dribble a basketball off his foot. Gone are the days of Sixers fans being forced to watch him chuck up dozens of ill-advised shots that clang off the rim. No more giving 20+ minutes to a completely worthless player who contributed nothing in all areas of the game. I cannot express the happiness that came over me when I got the news. I'd say it was somewhere between the feeling you'd get on Super Bowl Sunday and how you felt as a kid on Christmas morning.

In exchange for Green and Jason Smith's expiring contracts, the Sixers got Songaila (nothing more than another expiring contract) and Craig Brackins from New Orleans. Brackins was the 21st pick in the NBA draft this year. So basically, the Sixers got a first round pick for two stiffs. Awesome.

I applaud Rod Thorn for this move and wonder why the Hornets hate Chris Paul so much. Enjoy this moment Sixers fans. No more Dalembert.  No more Willie Green.  Now only if we could find a way to get rid of Hip Hop...

[pic via Depressed Fan]


  1. I haven't heard from my brother, so someone please make sure he's alive. The excitement from this move may have killed him. Seriously.

  2. haha I'm ridiculously busy today, but I'm gonna have a celebration beer tonight when I get home at like 10 o'clock. The real question is this: Who do I hate now? I'm open to suggestions, but I'm assuming Andres Nocioni.

  3. It's absolutely going to be Nocioni, there is really very little to like about him as a basketball player (and I'll assume person as well). So unless Jodie Meeks suddenly becomes Willie Green 2.0, I agree that Andres is your boy.