Monday, February 7, 2011

Brent Celek's Groin Is Excited To Meet You

So am I crazy or does Captain Morgan look like AJ Daulerio and sound like Guy Fieri? He does, right? Whatever. Even though I hate spiced rum, this was actually kinda funny and supports my thought that Brent Celek would be a cool guy to have a pizza party with.

Anyway, I'd really just like to know what other work the actor who plays the Captain has done. You just know he has a long list of credits he's not proud of. Like "Pirate #3" at Little Jimmy's Bar Mitzvah. But alas, the Internet has failed me. I searched for minutes ages and couldn't even find the guy's real name.

[h/t KSK]


  1. That guy has to be a Philadelphia promotional guy for Captain Morgan. At the Union games they have the Captain Morgan Party deck and I'm pretty sure that is the same guy at the games.

  2. I think he sounds like a Guy Fieri/Jim Rome combo.

    And that pizza party better be at Chuck E Cheese or I ain't coming.

  3. Brent's got the HOTTEST DSLs ever!