Saturday, October 31, 2009

Game 3 - It's Cole's Time

Cole Hamels has become an enigma. While we continue to love and support him each time out there, we aren’t sure from start to start what we are going to get. Tonight, he takes the mound against the New York Yankees in Game 3 of the World Series.

Friday, October 30, 2009

Joe Blanton: Game 4 Starter

Charlie Manuel has finally made up his mind, Joe Blanton will take the ball in Game 4. After much speculation over whether Manuel would allow Cliff Lee to come back on three days' rest, something he had never done, Manuel has decided to give Heavy B his second career World Series start.

Dolla Dolla Bills Yall - Week 8

From the looks of this week's card, Vegas has bumped up the spreads in a few select games that would've otherwise been a tad lower.  Makes sense - they need to try and deter some of the every day chumps from betting all the big favorites each weekend.

After going 6-6-1 last week, Week 8 doesn't look it's going to get much easier - but that doesn't mean we won't try! 

Let's dive right in to the Shark's NFL spread picks! 

It's a Best-of-Five Now

The Phillies are headed back home with the series tied 1-1. Playing with house money last night, the Phillies came up short in the their bid to take a commanding lead in this series.

Hey! A Flyers Post!

So far, so average.

At 5-4-1, the red-headed step children of Philadelphia sports started out focused and sharp this season with an opening day shutout, but then lost their Ritalin, got juice all over their lips and started playing in the dirt.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Oh Crap, Yesterday Was The Opener?

Actual conversation on AIM just minutes ago:

Chris: you know we missed the opener last night
Maurice: oh wow, you're right
Chris: i guess we should write something about that

So yeah, the Sixers opened the 2009 season against the Magic in Orlando last night. But like you, we were busy watching the World Series.

Lee-sy Does it in Cliff-icult Situation

I think we just won the Cliff Lee pun wars.

Anyway, has Cliff Lee been hanging out with Phil Jackson lately? If only all of us had the ability to look at stressful situations with such zen-like, mindful calmness.
"And about being cool or whatever, I've always been that way," Lee said. "This is the same game I've been playing my whole life, and this is the stage that I've wanted to get to from a little kid. Now that I'm here, I've already put all the work in. There's no sense in being nervous and worried. It's time to go out there and let my talents and skills take over and execute pitches."
Press Conference video after the jump.

Cliff Lee is Phenomenal

In my existence, I have never seen a pitcher be as commanding and dominant on a stage as big as this. Lee could do no wrong last night and repeatedly made Yankee hitters look silly and foolish and he racked up 10 strikeouts.

With a 6-1 win last night, the Phillies inched 3 wins closer to the grand prize.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Sorry Yankees, But This Team Doesn't Lose

It appears that no one thinks the Phillies can beat the Yankees. It’s a shame so many people will have to be wrong.

We all understand how great the Yankees lineup is, how dominating CC Sabathia has been and how untouchable Mariano Rivera is. The Yankees are heavily favored, own the best team money can buy and have home field advantage.

But you know what? I don’t care.

The Day Has Come

Phillies vs. Yankees
Philadelphia vs. New York
Red vs. Blue
Lee vs. Sabathia
Howard vs. A-Rod
White Trash vs. Sleazy Guidos
Steaks vs. Pizzas
New Jersey vs. New Jersey

Remove all of the Jay-Z from your iPod, watch a Will Smith movie, and masturbate to Rocky with Cheez Whiz lube. ITS WORLD SERIES TIME!!!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Eagles 27, Redskins 17: What Did We Learn?

DeSean Jackson DeSean Jackson DeSean Jackson DeSean Jackson DeSean Jackson DeSean Jackson DeSean Jackson DeSean Jackson DeSean Jackson DeSean Jackson DeSean Jackson DeSean Jackson DeSean Jackson DeSean Jackson DeSean Jackson DeSean Jackson DeSean Jackson DeSean Jackson DeSean Jackson DeSean Jackson DeSean Jackson DeSean Jackson

Rollins Does It Again

Jimmy Rollins made an appearance on Leno last night. Since nobody seems to care about Leno anymore, I'm guessing you didn't hear what was said.

On national TV, Rollins was asked for his World Series prediction. And in typical Jimmy fashion, he didn't let us down.


Confession: I live and work in New York.  It's a fantastic city; I love the mix of cultures, unbeatable public transportation, and the shear number of things to do.  It's great.

So -- because of my current residence in NYC -- I've been even moreso anticipating the Phillies/Yankees World Series.  I work with a lot of Yankee fans, and for the most part they've been good sports and we've gone back and fourth jokingly about the upcoming Fall Classic.

But then this morning, as I rode to work on a crowded uptown C train, I see Shane Victorino on the cover of the New York Post Photoshopped in a dress.  Then -- when I get to the office -- my Director runs over and informs me that the Post and the New York Daily News have pages upon pages dedicated to shitting on not only our baseball team, but our fans and Philadelphia as a whole.  What?

Trust me, if you needed any more reason to want to win this series, the comments made by these "newspapers" will make you want to fly a plane into Yankee stadium.

Mark Sanchez Criticized For Eating Weiner

Yep, you read that right. He really did it. On the sidelines of an NFL game no less.


Back and Better Than Last Year...Maybe

The 2009-2010 NBA Season is upon us, and your Philadelphia 76ers are about to take the court. What's that? You don't care? Too bad, we're going to preview this team whether you like it or not.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Eagles / Redskins: Q & A!

Q: Remember last time when you called that blowout of the Raiders?
A: Shhhhhhut up.

Fantasy Basketball Sleepers and Busts

I'm going to let you in on a little fantasy basketball secret. It's ok, get close...ready? Ok, here it is:

Draft the guys that are labeled "Sleepers."
Don't draft the guys labeled "Busts."

Are we clear?


Sunday, October 25, 2009

Called It! vol. I

The score was 24-3.  The Saints we're getting pummeled by the Miami running game.  The Saints' heralded aerial attack was grounded.  It looked like the middle of the end for's #1 Power Ranked team, when, at 5:53pm EST, the following text messages were sent:
Saints still win this game.  U heard it here first
Haha I'll mark it down

Two hours later, I can proudly proclaim:

I Called It.

Fat Blubbering Mess: Part Deux

Remember this guy?  Of course you do - this tool was a viral sensation last football season.  He managed to bring shame and embarrassment on not only his sorry life, but Giants fans across the nation.  It was glorious.  You know what - before we go any farther, check it out one more time here.  It's that good. 

Okay, so why bring this up again now?  Because he's back!