Friday, February 11, 2011

Jim Washburn To Give D Line Steroids, Continue Looking Grizzled

CSN Philly - After a federal investigation, a grand jury indicted Washburn and three other South Carolina coaches on charges of distributing steroids. Washburn eventually agreed to a plea bargain in which he was sentenced to serve three months in a halfway house and three years of probation.
“I did a stupid thing a long time ago, and I’ve paid for it ever since, and I got sentenced to prison,” Washburn said. “Let down my family. It was stupid. Stupid thing. I’ve paid for it ever since. I guess I’ll pay for it the rest of my life. I guess I’ll never take another job and not have somebody bring it up. That’s life.”
Eagles fans will love Washburn. He’s got the same brutally honest, self-deprecating, down-home, country personality as Charlie Manuel. Unfortunately, because Reid does not allow his position coaches to speak with the media, we may never hear from Washburn again.

I love every bit of this. Keep 'em quiet, Andy. I know the shit was a bazillion years ago and that now dude looks like a lemon party cock, but I really hope he introduces the Birds' D-line to some how-not-to-get-caught steroid use. Those pricks were horrible last season. I don't care if they all get depression or tiny balls or rickets or whatever -- I just wanna see drug-enraged monsters giving Eli Manning the ol' Clay Matthews/Kevin Kolb head smash. Just knock his brain back to 11 years old.

If Daniel Teo' Nesheim is 6'7" and 360 by training camp, you'll know this motherfucker is doin his job.

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