Friday, February 11, 2011

Would You Buy A $400 MacBook From This Man?

[] Officer Augello found a FedEx box turned inside out and packaged with Apple labels, making it look like a brand new laptop computer inside. "He told me that someone sold this to him for 400 bucks. I said, 'But its 2,299? May I open it for you?'" the Officer said. When Officer Augello opened the package, it was indeed a phony parcel. Inside, there was a phone book, sealed in saran-wrap and bound with packing tape. The phone book was from Tallahassee.

Oh Clyde Brown, you scallywag, you almost had me with the old phonebook-in-a-box trick. I thought I was getting a hot deal on some of Steve Jobs’ personal stock. If I wasn't such a worrywart when it comes to fake ass Apple logo's taped to boxes, we would've had a deal.

Ok seriously, this guy looks like a collegiate 1980's point guard who wasted his talents on coke and white girls. Who the hell is trusting enough to believe there’s a laptop worth $2,299 is inside that shitty box? Man, people are gullible as hell. But I guess we have to at least give this guy points for coming up with a good way to put phonebooks to use.

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