Sunday, May 30, 2010

A Random ESPN User Wins The Weekend

Sadly, Philly sports fans were denied multiple orgasms this evening. The Flyers weren't able to pull out a win in the opening game of the Stanley Cup Finals. (Don't worry... that's why they make them 7 game series.) But as promised, history was indeed made tonight - Roy Halladay became only the 20th pitcher in the history of Major League Baseball to throw a Perfect Game. Words really can't express just how friggin ridiculously awesome this is. If you need me to explain this feeling to you, you're not a real sports fan and should leave our site immediately.

While I cannot say enough about the tremendous accomplishment Halladay achieved today, I'd be remiss to not mention the ultimate 'You called it' moment of all-time.

It was brought to my attention that an ESPN message board thread was started at 7:16pm with the title "Roy Halladay Perfect Game Alert". The first message read '27 batters to go'. Every few batters, another post was added reminding you how many batters were to go. Others joined in, first being sarcastic and laughing the whole thing off, but as the game went on, people were counting it down.

It's quite possibly the most epic message board thread ever - and it is 100% legit. See the complete thread HERE. dtboy1234 - whoever you are - I give you a standing ovation. Well done sir. Now go play the lottery, bet your bank account on RED, and predict the Flyers as Stanley Cup Champions for us.

*many thanks from TWW friend and reader Troy for giving us the heads up


  1. 1.) I think it's the most epic thread on the ESPN boards, ever.

  2. it was a little epic, but the same guy did it like every time Halladay started so that takes away from it

  3. true... but you have to admire his sticktoitiveness

  4. I haven't seen sticktoitiveness like this since Beano Cook kept predicting a Heisman every year of Ron Pawlus' career at Notre Dame.

  5. who cares its baseball

  6. Kevin might want to consider getting help. Baseball is the best sport out there.