Thursday, February 18, 2010


Of all the videos you'll watch today, this will be the best one. Enjoy.

NEWSFLASH: Iguodala Overrated

So I'm flipping through my latest issue of Sports Illustrated and I came across their latest "SI Player Poll." For those unfamiliar with this weekly feature, SI askes a group of players a question about their peers (i.e. "Whose the best?", "Biggest Cheater?", etc.). In this instance, SI polled 173 NBA players and asked them this simple question, "Who is the NBA's most overrated player?"

Take a guess which Sixers small forward ranked fourth in this poll? Need help? His name rhymes with Candre Miguodala.

I Heard His Friend Billy Zane is a Cool Guy

This is just an absolutely ridiculous photo of Terrell Owens at a fashion show in NY.  I could not help but share this with all of you. I mean, just look at that squirrel carcass on his head.

Oh, T.O. I know you're all about fashion and modeling, but damn… this is just humiliating.

Oh well, to each his own. Can't wait till the Merman commercial debuts.

Much thanks to for this.

Dookie rope chain? Are those karate pants? Is this from the Tiger Schulmann's X Run DMC collection? I know things get a little crazy here in NYC during fashion week, but this is sad. Like Bambi's mom sad.

Sixers Trade!!!!!

It's not Amare or McGrady, we aren't getting any more cap room for next year and Willie Green is sadly still a Sixer. However, the Sixers did make a move today, aquiring Jodie Meeks and Francisco Elson from the Bucks for Primoz Brezec, Royal Ivey and a second-round pick.

This trade makes sense for the Sixers, they liked Meeks coming out of college and there is some upside with him. He's undersized for a two-guard (6' 4'') but averaged 23+ points his last year at Kentucky, so the dude can score. It's worth a chance, especially since this team needs someone who can shoot. If he never pans out, oh well.

Everyone else in the trade is pointless, so no need to discuss that. And remember, a second round pick once got us Willie Green, so avoiding them in the future is probably a good idea.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

TheWizWit Wallpaper Wednesday!

Holy shit we're back. With premature unwarranted new-found confidence due to a nice pageview boost (many thanks to our buddy Enrico from The700level for the tweet), we forge on with more poorly executed, loosely sports-based mini desktop wallpaper this Wednesday. Why? Well, without mediocrity those more clever and skilled than I wouldn't know how talented they are. Oh...why wallpaper? Didn't you see our last wallpaper, Thaddeus Young and a Shitload of Kittens? Did you already forget how I explained that your desktop wallpaper at work is a privilege that should undoubtedly be abused? How forgetful of you.

This week we present...Losers, con Donovan McNabb!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

He'll Win One Cy Young, and 11 Cole Hamels

See that photo? It's of Cole Hamels. In Florida. For Spring Training. Today.

It's back folks. Baseball Season 2010.

Go Phillies.