Wednesday, March 2, 2011

No Sex For You

Wow, kicked off the team for giving your girlfriend the meat stick. That's about as rough as it gets (the situation, not the sex, which for all I know could have been boring ole missionary style). I mean, I understand that this is something players (and students) of BYU are aware of when they decide to attend the school, but it still bottles the mind. No sex? Why the fuck would you even go to college? The guys at BYU have to be walking around with the bluest of blue balls you could ever imagine (cause, of course, masturbation is frowned upon as well). Imagine their first load? It's gonna fucking kill a bitch, and shoot her corpse to the goddamn moon.

And sex is just the tip of the iceberg, they are also supposed to be honest, abstain from alcohol, coffee, tobacco and tea, AND attend church. I mean, I couldn't do any of those things...and I don't even smoke. I think the moral of this story is simple: bang a Mormon girl right after she graduates. I bet she'd ride your shit till you're shooting air.

Oh, and check this link out. Can you imagine if every time you had to jerk off, instead you ate a snack? Seriously? If you think America has a weight problem now, HOLY SHIT. Every dude would be walking around at 400 pounds easily. And you know bitches do it too. We'd be one fat ass country, too large to fuck, eating all day long cause we're horny as crap.


  1. If I was an NBA GM I would have second thoughts about drafting Jimmer Fredette just for this reason. How the hell is the guy gonna adjust to the lifestyle of an NBA player??? It's practice, bitches, weed, game, bitches, weed, bitches.

  2. OK i tried thinking of a bathtub of worms to make me not want to whack off and it made the urge unbearable.


  3. This explains a lot about Andy Reid.

  4. that guy has no need to spank it pal. Ive been in the coach's wife lounge MANY times while Reggie Brown watched critical games unfold. The baked goods in there OWN the ones in the player's family lounge. Dont even get me started on the lounge for the player's women.... my son slept there during halftime once, and my girl said shed nver felt blankets so soft. Men ARE NOT allowed in... They apparently breast feed all those NFL babies... I gota go to bed...