Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Two-Part-Giant-Sized-Mega-Colossal Podcast!

We have a very particular set of skills that makes us mildly entertaining for people like you.

In part 1: Our take on the NBA trade deadline
In part 2: We call Wetz to talk Brian Wilson, Phillies, and Fantasy Baseball. Then we call Maurice for a little Jeffrey Lurie Oscar discussion, an intense review of Angelina Jolie's career, and some other randomness.

(Note: we aren't the most technologically savvy people so we're still working out the kinks. Phone calls may be a little fuzzy, and I have no idea if the 1 speaker issue has been resolved. Nonetheless, give it a listen and enjoy)


  1. I would have liked that Battier trade. He's a good spell for ET and Lou. I would also have liked to get, Thebeet somehow. What'd you guys think of that Colby Rasmus rumor?

  2. What was the Colby Rasmus rumor? I heard people joking about Rasmus for Blanton and Victorino, but I don't think that was was for real. Having said that, I do love Colby Rasmus

  3. Yeah, it was the fake trade, but that's the one I was talking about lol. Another fake trade I really liked was Polanco for Michael Young

  4. I find myself thinking, how can I, Shady McCoy, be a part of the next podcast......... hmmmmmmmmm. I mean, I am win-polar.