Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Flyers Trade Deadline Talk And Shit

By TWW friend 'Anonymous'

So obviously the word is out that TheWizWit is the official place to be when it comes to what the Flyers should do and shit. I mean, why else would they bring Zherdev back into the lineup, if not for my "Let Zherdev Spin" campaign? How bout that Versteeg Richards Zherdev line the other night? ... Jordan! (Is it now time to say, "Kobe" as you take a jumper? Is that what the kids are doing now? Personally, I prefer to do my shot callin' as I invoke Jordan's moniker. To each his own I guess) Long story short, nailed it! If only they would listen to my "Stop with this Nodl Shit" campaign, everything would be Cake + Money.

Yeah, we lost that game against the Senators the other night... whatever. Pronger was out, and Boucher finally had that inevitable Boucher game. And we learned lessons. We learned that Chris Pronger and Mike Richards cannot miss anymore games. When either of them are out of the lineup, the team just isn't right. We learned that Bob is our playoff goalie. Boucher is having a great year, but he always breaks down around this time of year, and he looked terrible against Ottawa. And we also learned that we needed a 7th defenseman. Acquiring Nick Boynton off of waivers was a real nice move. He's a 78 overall, and we got him for nothing. You take that all day, right? I think we got a lot of our questions answered this month, although Bill Clement disagrees with me. His speaking voice is way better than mine, so he wins. That's how Obama won, right?

Flyers traded some Phantoms for a part time winger, Tom Sestito. He's a 6'5" 228 lbs. gorilla beast, who will factor into the Flyers plans for next season. He'll be a 25 year old, Jody Shelley next year. I'm cool with that. Keep on paying attention to me Flyers Internet Scouts, I got a lot of good suggestions on what you should be doing and shit.

PS- Claude. Giroux. Is. Stupid.


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