Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The Speed Dealing, Elevator Fixing, Philadelphia Repairman

[Philly.com] A Philadelphia elevator repairman who dealt crystal meth so he could afford his own $500 a day drug habit, was sentenced today to two years in federal prison. Erik Todd Trovarello, 35, was nabbed distributing large quantities of methamphetamine out of a U-Haul storage facility on Washington Ave. in South Philadelphia.

Let's hear it for the war on drugs. Although I have to question this story a bit. I don't really know anything about dealing and doing drugs, but a $500 a day meth habit of his own? Really guy? How the hell are you functioning? You should've died AGES ago. He's gotta be the BEST elevator repairman in the history of elevator repairmen. Just speeding from job to job and fixing elevators like it aint no thang. Anyway, I just hope Tony Danza plays this guy in the movie. Why this story immediately made me think of THIS movies' title, I have no idea. But I bet Tony Micelli would NAIL it.

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