Monday, February 28, 2011

Should We Be Celebrating a .500 Team?

By TWW friend 'Anonymous'

Hell yes, we should! How's Lou Williams' nuts taste??  Party at the Moon Tower! Alright, alright, alrighhhht. The Sixers are the best team in the NBA. Forget that 3-13 start, that was weeks ago muthafucka, I'm partyin'! Over the last 43 games, the Sixers are 27-16. That's a winning percentage of .628, which is top 5 in the NBA. They've had three straight winning months for the first time since 2001. ESPN has us ranked 8th in the power rankings, while the New York Knicks aren't even in the top 15! So, suck on that!

The Sixers are a really good team all of a sudden. I can't stress the word "team" enough (even with italics and accent marks) they are playing inspired, unselfish basketball. Sucker-free, if you will. Iggy has finally stopped going Jackie Moon, and bought into a NBA scheme. During the 9-3 February campaign, Iguodala has never been the leading scorer, not once. Elton Brand is playing extremely well, Thad Young and Lou Williams are great bench players, and Evan Turner is starting to get used to his Avatar body.

They are holding it down at home, with a 19-9 record- which is comparable with big time West contender, OKC's 20-9 home record. Playing great at home is very important during the playoffs, which leads me to believe that we can catch the Hawks and beat Orlando in a first round series. In order to do that, the Sixers are going to have to continue playing defensive basketball. They are 2-17 when the opposition scores 100+ points, and that's no good, cause playoff teams score mad points.

500 might not be something to celebrate in Juggernaut Town, but here in Philly, we've seen where this team was, and how they've grown into a competitive team without any superstars, and we appreciate hard work and diligence around here. I'm damn proud of the Sixers and how far they've come this year.


[pic Via AP]


  1. That pic is awesome. It even looks like Lou is about to put his hand on the back of the guys head.

    In other news, once our podcast is up you may notice an open invitation to appear on the next podcast. Just a heads up.

  2. Why isnt the #23 retired from the NBA yet. I hate seeing clowns like Loser Lou wearing it.

  3. and yeah, its an awesome pic. It looks like the d00de on the left is the awkward 3rd guy in a 3some trying to figure out how to get in on it.

  4. sweet, I enjoyed the first podcast, and would be honored to be the Karl Pilkington to your Ricky Gervais . And it's a good thing I can hit up Eagles star runningback Shady McCoy for a phone interview, cause we boyz now, Ain't that right, Shady!

  5. Thats correct, Anonymous.