Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Let's Hope DJ Alibi Does His Labor Day Party

Wow. Good looks to Mr. Vick for missing this affair. No doubt it was planned out before his birthday party fiasco, but there was absolutely no way a sane Michael Vick was going to attend this one.

Music by Hostility? Nothing positive would have come of this.

And don't get me started on the whole Vick situation in general. If some snitch from my trial showed up uninvited to my 30th birthday party and caked my face, I would hope one of my friends would shoot his ass, too.

According to the NY Post:
Quanis Phillips, a co-defendant in Vick’s dogfighting case, flew into a rage when Vick and brother Marcus Vick told him early Friday to leave the 30th-birthday party at a Virginia Beach nightclub, witnesses said.

Before leaving, Phillips slapped a piece of birthday cake off a female partygoer’s plate, splattering the face of the Philadelphia Eagles quarterback with frosting. “Michael didn’t react. I was surprised,” a witness at the bash said.

Cake in my face = shot. I'm with ya, Mike.

And how the hell was he supposed to know exactly how long he left before the shooting? It's not like a time bomb where he knows he left exactly 12 minutes and 33 seconds before it went off. Stop being irrational, people!


  1. You're not allowed to have birthday parties for a while, Mike Vick.

    and on a side note, why does everyone like Recovery? It's like Eminem's worst album ever, and everyone is like, "yo, it's hottt!" and I'm like, "nah, it's pretty corny." I feel like i'm taking crazy pills.

  2. you're not taking crazy pills -- it's pretty bad. and it's not like his talent isn't still there (see: "Despicable freestyle") cause a lot of his lyrics are still great. it's the bad choruses, bad cameos, and bad production. it's mediocre at best, depressing at worst.

    and ain't no party like a mike vick party cause a mike vick party has guns!

  3. Mike Vick cant have a Labor Day party. Isn't there a rule about being dressed in white on Labor Day?

    Oh and at least Recovery is better than Relapse was...

  4. Labor Day is the last day you can wear white, so s'all good.

    Blood stains might ruin the outfit, though.