Friday, July 2, 2010

I'll Take Random Videos for 200

What better way to stumble into the holiday weekend than to end your work week with some randomness?

So while you're sitting at work (undoubtedly doing nothing) check out these vids before you embark on a weekend of BBQ's, bocce ball, and alcohol with family and friends. And just think, if you're really lucky, you'll have the privilege of being forced to sit through life-draining fireworks!

And with a tip of the cabana cap, away we go.

So your first video is a clip from the Sixers Draft Party at the Wachovia Center just before Evan Turner was selected. Honestly, this should've been posted a long time ago... but I suck. So here it is now; video taken by yours truly. (Also a good time to note – upon viewing this when I returned home, I realized I’m a terrible cameraman and shouldn’t be allowed to take video of anything. I do get a nice shot of a lady in pretty sweet blouse with gigantic flower print. FAN-tastic.)

Moving right along, here's a clip from a show on Adult Swim called Squidbillies. This episode features Chad Ocho Cinco in animated form (he did all his own voiceover work). As for the show? I have no idea if it’s any good or even funny. It's possible I guess. Adult Swim has had some decent shows in the past. At least it's not an animated show that Comedy Central is forcing down our throats after new episodes of South Park. Then you'd KNOW it sucked big dinosaur balls.

This video was posted in one of my fantasy baseball leagues. It is hilarious - and I don't even like Star Wars. In fact, besides bits and pieces here and there, I've never seen any of the Star Wars films. That might be nuts to some of you diehards. And if it is, you're probably a dork.

And finally, just because I used it as the picture to this post, here is Burt Reynolds in a big hat. It's funny.

That’s it folks. Enjoy your holiday, be safe, be wary of any roundabounds, and may God let the Phillies get through the weekend healthy.

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  1. Its a big hat. Its funny. I miss celebrity jeopardy. And are you claiming to be too cool for star wars? C'mon you and I both know that's not true. Though you do have a very particular set of skills that makes you a nightmare for people like me.