Thursday, July 1, 2010

Look What I Found...

Whether you're a diehard and sufficiently brash Eagles fan or a dude named Dallas who loves birds and gettin laid, you've gotta appreciate this piece.  Stumbled upon this gorgeous artifact of 100% cotton while rifling through Dad's house. Might have a small bleach situation happening on the "F", but still a great find.

There's this cloudy memory I have of my father and I going to an Eagles game and him buying this in the parking lot. I've searched for a "Fuck Dallas" t-shirt vendor at every game since and haven't seen a single one. Anyone ever see a post-kelly green era version?

And I'm not talkin a "Dallas Sucks" shirt. You might as well pull up your panties and head back into the sanctuary with that wack-ass Cowboy fan level of hostility. I mean a shirt that says "Fuck Dallas."

Also...where is it acceptable to ever wear this t-shirt? You can't wear this to the'd be one of those people. If you've got any semblance of common courtesy, you can't really have this on in public at all. Even if I rocked this shit to a game, once I walked past a kid I'd feel compelled to censor the 'U' with my hand or somethin.

This is definitely one of those nervously-watching-a-playoff-game-in-your-basement 8 Miller Lites deep type of shirts. Yeah.  I can't wait.


  1. Those started as redskins shirts, and if this is the first time you've seen one, you probably get cramps and nosebleeds when you watch sports.

  2. only when I'm on my period or if the TV is too loud. And I didn't say it was my first time seeing the shirt, I'm wondering if they made any of these with the new logo.

    hide behind our veil if secrecy, Mr. Anonymous!

  3. You forget how worthless every living person in Crapadelphia is. For tyhose worthless Vick-lovers, McNabb haters, this is considered "Church Wear"

  4. I wear your grandmother to church, bitch.

  5. Yo crassuspm philadelphia loved mcnabb you idiot and dont sound so damn that bitter you dont have vick on your team.

  6. and maurice id love to know if they did still make them, that version or with the new logo. lately all i have seen are dallas sucks or romo is a homo t shirts.