Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The Most Ridiculous Headline of All-Time:

This is a screen-grab of an article I saw on Yahoo this afternoon.  You can see it in its entirety HERE.  You can also see that it's completely retarded. 

I don't know what's worse - the Knicks 'source', or the SportingNews for quoting something from 'zagsblog.com'.

How anyone thought this was legit news is beyond me.  Doesn't common sense kick in at some point?  Shouldn't someone have said "Wait... this 'source' is full of shit.  That didn't happen." 
The best part is when the source continues to try and rationalize the reasoning:
“I don’t care what most people think. I’m not saying that LeBron is not a good player but other stuff comes with it. LeBron’s friends want jobs. You’re gonna lose running your organization. As time goes on you gotta hire this guy, you gotta hire that guy.”
The Source then asked everyone to "move their feet" as he had to "mop the rest of this shit up." Sigh...you poor delusional bastard. 

The Source went on: "I'm not saying the iPhone 4 isn't a fantastic device, but a pink RAZR with rhinestones on it is what we wanted all along."

Alright commenters, your turn.  Come with your best.


  1. We need to trade Iguodala to them for 2 future 1st round picks ASAP. I never thought they would still be stupid after Isiah left, but wow.

    Obviously this is an "oh shit we aren't getting Lebron how do we spin this to our fans???" move.

  2. Knicks Source:

    "I'm not saying that filet mignon isn't a fantastic dinner, but a bowl of warm Grape Nuts is what we wanted all along."

  3. Knicks Source:

    "I'm not saying that a supermodel menois a trois isn't fun, but masturbating to a ripped-out Macy's bra advertisement is how we wanted to ejaculate all along."

  4. Knicks Source:

    "I'm not saying that a Maserati isn't an exceptional car, but a 1986 Chevy Nova Hatchback is what we wanted all along."

  5. Knicks Source:

    "I'm not saying that a loft overlooking Central Park isn't a great place to live, but this cardboard box was my life goal all along...you got some change?"

  6. Knicks Source

    "I'm not saying that Barney's isn't the place for the hottest denim, but an irregular fit pair of Levi's from Ross is what we wanted all along...I got it at Ross"

  7. Knicks Source:

    "I'm not saying being draped in velvet isn't nice, but snuggies are what I wanted all along".

  8. Knicks Source:

    I'm not saying living isn't nice, death is just what I wanted all along"

  9. Knicks Source:

    "I'm not saying every other blog or scouting service is incorrect, but the wiz wit said http://thewizwit.blogspot.com/2009/11/early-season-nba-thoughts-elton-brand.html joe johnson was the mvp all along."

  10. aaaaahahahahaha +1

    / shiiiit i didn't write that post
    // wouldda guessed kobe

  11. haha I did say Joe Johnson was my MVP, but in my defense that was mad early in the season and the Hawks were ridiculous. Plus I was just picking a non-obvious guy for the hell of it.

    I'm not saying being a good prognosticator isn't nice, but I wanted to be completely wrong all along.

  12. Knicks Source:

    I'm not saying that Johny Depp isn't a good actor, but E from Entourage is who we wanted all along.