Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Eagles Receivers Still Wide Open, Waiting on Kolb Pass

NFL Network's NFC Playbook show -- an otherwise lame program that I imagine is masturbation material for people like Mike Martz -- featured a segment dedicated to Kevin Kolb and his missed opportunities last week. Because human people should only watch NFL Network when it's completely necessary (except Rich Eisen...he's alright in my book), I've provided you with a synopsis of what was covered.

1.  Dudes was open.
2.  Dudes wasn't thrown balls.
3.  Dude needs to hit open dudes next week.

BOOM!  Where's my contract, NFL Network?


  1. Crazy open dude is also crazy far away. Not too far away for an NFL quarterback you say? Well, it's too far for Kevin "Check Down" Kolb.

  2. Crazy Open Dude is only 25-28 yards down field. Kolb hit DeSean last year on a longer pass. I don't think Reid wanted him passing down field into a soft cover 2. It's as simple as that. Hopefully Reid loosens the leash this week with the injury to Shady. Mike "No Gain" Bell sure as hell isn't going to shoulder the load.

  3. When he hit DeSean down the field last year DeSean had the defense burned and Kolb put a ridiculous floater in the air. If he tried to throw to the guy in this pic (is that Maclin?) the defender would have been on the ball before it got there. Sure he threw a deep ball last year, and it was completed, but it wasn't a great pass and it definitely didn't give me any more confidence in his arm.

  4. Dude, check this out, Go to 3:27 & 5:19. The dude is capable. He just needs to shed the "Deer In Headlights" look and get his fucking confidence up. I suggest possibly some Metallica or Misfits in the locker room to get him pumped the fuck up. I'm hoping and believing he'll have a good night on Sunday. Shit, I'm just hoping the O-line gives him some damn time.

  5. Kevin Kolb sucks. It's been decided, end of story. If you look that uncomfortable in an NFL game, after three years in the league, you ain't got a prayer.

  6. I'm not giving up hope just yet. If Charlie "How Am I Still In The League" Batch can come off the pine and play well, then there's hope for Kolb. You guys need to step off the ledge.

  7. I'm not on any ledge. Kevin Kolb sucks, that's reality. I'm not abandoning hope when it comes to Kolb, I never had hope in him to begin with. There's a difference.

    And Charlie Batch hasn't exactly played well. He just hands the ball to Mendenhall and doesn't make any crushing mistakes. That will win games when you have the best defense in the league. The Eagles don't, not even close.

  8. I've always been higher on Kolb than a lot of people, and while I wrote this post and saw his terrified little-boy face last Sunday, I feel okay about his chances going forward.

    He's made the throws before, it's just about -- as Hard Knocks Rex Ryan would say -- "letting his nuts drop".

  9. you guys are sooo up your asses. Kevin is an 83 overall, we knew that already, and we were fine with it. Just cause Vick is an 89, lets not abandon all hope, Kolb can definitely win football games at a pro level. If the O-line doesn't start him off at 1st and 20 all day, it'll be fine. Remember, we're supposed to like the home team. geez

  10. It was Tuesday morning when the teacher posed the question.

    "Class, does Kevin Kolb suck?" she asked.

    David immediately raised his hand. He knew the answer, and he wanted nothing more than to please the teacher.

    "Yes, he blows." David smiled, he knew he was right.

    "So do I," she quickly replied.

    And it was on. Like Donkey Kong.

  11. *Cough* 21 for 31. 253 yards. 1 TD, 0 INT. 103.28 QB rating. *Cough*