Saturday, February 13, 2010

I Miss Vince

The 2010 Slam Dunk contest will take place tonight, where defending champion *COUGH* bullshit *COUGH* Nate Robinson will return against newcomers Shannon Brown, Gerald Wallace and DeMar DeRozen. Wow, that's awful. Since we no longer get any interesting players in this competition, I felt it necessary to hearken back to one of the great contests. So enjoy Vinsanity's personal coming out party, the 2000 Dunk Contest:

This is just part one, continue onto YouTube to see the rest. This is what a dunk contest is supposed to be. Honestly, how fucking cool was young Vince Carter?


  1. LeBron James sold us all out. I don't care how big the potential embarrassment is, LeBron James in the dunk contest would rejuvenate the competition among top-tier NBA stars, destroy the ratings of anything the winter olympics has to offer, and show us things that make God herself say "oh shit."

  2. I didn't realize the Raptors had both Vince Carter AND Tracy McGrady. That could have been a serious team if they built around the two of them.