Friday, January 28, 2011

Canadian Flashmob Hits Mall, Pulls Titties Out

AOL News - Canada is up in arms about breast-feeding and whether it's really OK to do it in public. And with the help of blogs and Facebook, angry moms are taking it to the streets -- or to the mall, in this case.
About a hundred mothers in Montreal staged a "nurse-in" protest at a downtown shopping complex last week, breast-feeding simultaneously before a curious crowd of reporters, mall security guards and passers-by. The event was retribution, they said, for a store that had thrown out a mother for breast-feeding earlier this month. This week, they began a petition drive to protect the rights of women to breast-feed in public in the Quebec province.

I'm torn here. Part of me feels for these broads. I'd much rather see a big 'ol floppy milk-titty than have to deal with some baby endlessly crying. But then again, why can't these women just breastfeed somewhere private? Lactating boobs are still nudity. Generally bad nudity. Have some dignity and do it in your car or something, right?

Like, I have to pee sometimes. And although I COULD just whip it out and go on the sidewalk, I'll pain myself to hold it til I get in between SUVs in the tailgating lot to a bathroom. Is this analogy a stretch? Maybe. Do mothers really need to gather in large groups and breastfeed-protest? Probably not.

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