Sunday, August 1, 2010

Live From Training Camp...Online Coverage

Am I at Eagles training camp right now live blogging from the sidelines? No.
At I at my computer watching 22-minute long clips of practice highlights? Yes, ma'am.

Some observations taken from the first full-pads practice:
1:35 - Mike Bell was a smart pick up.  After this J.J. Arrington trade, it's hard to guess how the birds will play their hand.  Maybe this was just trading Joe Mays for a draft pick, maybe not. If they keep three backs...who will be the third behind Shady and Bell?  Charles Scott looks promising (4:20, 5:00), incumbent Eldra Buckley was an effective special teams player, J.J. has great hands and can return kicks -- this is one of the more interesting camp battles.
3:40 - Kevin Kolb with the big "fuck you" to (so far impressive) rookie S Kurt Coleman.
5:45 - Vick shows off some lateral quickness
6:50 - Ellis Hobbs with a big defended pass against Baskett, trying to ease our concerns for the cornerback position.
7:15 - Kolb deep pass to Jackson.  Pretty play but Joselio Hansen getting beat on this underthrown ball brings my concerns for cornerback...back.   
9:10 - Big stack-up hit by Jabar Chaney on Eldra Buckley
12:25, 20:00 - Brandon Graham looks pretty damn good to me. Spadaro pants, "Oo Great move." If you listen closely, you can almost hear the orgasm as it happens.
12:50 - You know who else looks good?  Our boy Trev "Obey the" Laws. Whooooop!
21:40 - FIIIIIIGHT! Daniel Te'o-Nesheim (who sucks, apparently) gets into it with Jerrail McCuller (who oddly enough has his arm around another dude in not one but two Google images), probably because he was frustrated by his own absolute terribleness.  Nothing happened and it was all very pointless.

Hey, at least nobody got hurt.  Oh wait.

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