Tuesday, April 20, 2010

2010 Eagles Schedule: An Extremely Premature Prediction

Everything the NFL does creates a ridiculous amount of buzz. Today was no different as the league released the 2010 schedule. The season will open with a rematch of last year's thrilling NFC Championship Game, as the Vikings will visit the Saints on Thursday night. Our boy #5 opens at home on Sunday night against the Cowboys and the first Monday night game features the Ravens at the Jets (there is also that gay second Monday night game that no one on the east coast watches...that won't change this year as the Chargers visit the Chiefs...yuck).

But who are we kidding, all we care about is our Birds. So, without further ado let's take look at what to expect from our 2010 Eagles...

Week One, Sunday Sep. 12: Packers at Eagles

The Eagles crappy defense is going to get a very tough test early facing Aaron Rodgers and the high-scoring Packers offense. But, remember the Packers gave up 50 points the last time they took the field so it's not like they'll enjoy trying to stop the Eagles. Having Kolb open against an iffy defense will be clutch. I see an Eagles win here, if only because they're at home. 1-0.

Week Two, Sunday Sep. 19: Eagles at Lions

The Lions, barring an act of God, will still suck next year. The Birds take this one. 2-0.

Week Three, Sunday Sep. 26: Eagles at Jaguars

This game worries me for two reasons: 1) The Eagles ALWAYS suck against the AFC (especially on the road) and 2) There is no way they start 3-0. This is probably a loss.

Week Four, Sunday Oct. 3: Redskins at Eagles

In probably the most anticipated home game in Eagles history, Donovan McNabb will return to Philly. This will be Fox's game of the week, so expect a heavy dose of Joe Buck and Troy Aikman killing Eagles fans after we boo McNabb to start the game. Eagles win though. 3-1.

Week Five, Sunday Oct. 10: Eagles at 49ers (Sunday Night)

Classic letdown game, especially having to travel across the country for a game against a team that doesn't suck quite as much as it used to. Should the Eagles win this game? Yes. Will they? Probably not. 3-2.

Week Six, Sunday Oct. 17: Falcons at Eagles

Thankfully they get this game at home, since the Falcons are normally a tough home team. I doubt we luck out and get the Falcons sans Matt Ryan AND Michael Turner again, so this game will be significantly harder than last year's contest. Still, I think the Birds take this game. 4-2.

Week Seven, Sunday Oct. 24: Eagles at Titans

This is another case of just bad timing for the Eagles. The Titans are a team they could beat, but not on the road the week before a bye. Chris Johnson (assuming he doesn't blow out his knee following a 2,000 yard season) probably runs all over the Eagles in this one. 4-3.

Week Eight: Bye Week

The perfect bye week. Much better than last year's crappy bye week.

Week Nine, Sunday Nov. 7: Colts at Eagles

This is my birthday. Some fucking present I'll get, sitting in the 200 level watching Peyton Manning carve up the Eagles secondary. Out of every game on this schedule I'm most confident in this pick...no way the Eagles beat the Colts. 4-4.

Week Ten, Monday Nov. 15: Eagles at Redskins

Monday night primetime game against D-Mac. No way Andy let's his team lose this one. 5-4.

Week Eleven, Sunday Nov. 21: Giants at Eagles

Back to back division games suck, but the Eagles have had the Giants number recently in winning four straight meetings. I say that good luck continues. 6-4.

Week Twelve, Sunday Nov. 28: Eagles at Chicago

Jay Cutler probably throws 12 interceptions in this one, but somehow this game will be closer than it should be (games with the Bears are always close for no good reason). Ultimately I think the Eagles win, as they continue their usual good second-half-of-the-season play. 7-4.

Week Thirteen, Thursday Dec. 2: Texans at Eagles

Short week, but a home game. I'm less than thrilled about this game, since I'll have to go from work thus killing my ability to tailgate as much as I'd like. At least they'll win, I can't see the Texans walking into Philly in December and winning (even if they are a good team). 8-4.

Week Fourteen, Sunday Dec. 12: Eagles at Cowboys

The Cowboys aren't as good as they looked against the Eagles last year, their game in Minnesota the following week proved that. However, they've owned the Eagles in three meetings last year, so until further notice I can't give the Eagles a road win against a team they struggle to even score points against. 8-5.

Week Fifteen, Sunday Dec. 19: Eagles at Giants

I hate the Giants. I mean, I absolutely despise them. I also think they'll need a year or two to rebuild their defense. I think the Eagles capitalize on that, and sweep them again. 9-5.

Week Sixteen, Sunday Dec. 26: Vikings at Eagles

This could be a huge game, but it's obvious the Vikings are a better team. Minus Brett Favre being a complete idiot in the NFC Championship Game, they might have won a Super Bowl. Granted, Brett Favre is a complete idiot so maybe they weren't as close as we think. But they'll win this game. 9-6.

Week Seventeen, Sunday Jan. 2: Cowboys at Eagles

It's become obvious that the NFL will finish the season with the Eagles against the Cowboys every single year until they both aren't good anymore. The Cowboys might be the more talented team, but what kind of an Eagles fan would I be if I had the Eagles miss the playoffs? No way, 10-6.

So, there you have it. The Eagles will finish 10-6. Mark it down, tweet it, Facebook status it. I'm a modern day Nostradamus, minus the ability to actually predict anything accurately.

Go Birds.


  1. That sounds about right. I'm not as confident they'll sweep the Redskins though. The Eagles have had some problems with them over the last few years and that was before they got a motivated QB

  2. I think the reaction to McNabb will be more mixed then totally negative. The best part, though, is gonna be his first pass that hits a receiver in the ankles. My bold prediction is that this will be the loudest moment in the history of an Eagles home game.

  3. I'm going with a sweep of the Skins, Split of Giants and getting swept by the Boys... 9-7 at best but I'll put my stamp on 8-8.

  4. I'm with Bill Simmons on this one...the Eagles def have a "phenomenal Ewing Theory season coming up." If you don't know Ewing Theory...Google it. But yea, I think this team (especially with a solid draft) is a 10-6 or better club. For realsies.

    But yes, Eric, after the first McNabb dirtpass I expect 50% of the skulls in the crowd to explode, and the other half of the crowd will throw up in excitement. Win/Win.

  5. Lose BOTH to Skins, sweep Giants, split Dallas.

  6. How bout these hockey playoffs!!!! INSANE!!!! Eagles are winning 6 games this year lets be honest, we got little kids out there, we dont have enough mans to win 10 games. GO FLYERS!!!!