Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Pot Charges Dropped Against Juqua Parker

If you remember, last year Juqua Parker and Todd Herremans got pulled over for a traffic violation and the cops discovered a bag of marijuana in the car. If filmed, this would have been the lamest stoner buddy comedy of all time (Juqua and Todd: Escape to Wawa). Anyway, Parker admitted it was his, charges were filed, and that was that.

Well today (420) the charges were dropped because the cops unlawfully searched his car. So now Juqua can go about his regularly-mediocre life and hopefully get replaced by one of our second-round picks this year. Hooray for rights! As per the DA:
"You can't just go and search the car. There was no basis for it."

Remember: the police must have probable cause, kids!


  1. I thought being black was probable cause? At least in NJ it appears to be.

  2. Contrary to popular belief, being black does not constitute probable cause. That's what I've learned in law school.