Monday, April 19, 2010

Eagles Stay Active, Land LB Sims from Lions

The Eagles just keep makin' moves. Today, the Birds aquired linebacker Ernie Sims from Detroit in a three-team trade. The Eagles will send a fifth round pick to the Broncos (who are sending tight end Tony Scheffler to the Lions, in addition to a seventh rounder) to complete the deal. You can expect Sims to take over at the weakside this year, hopefully giving the Eagles some much needed production from their LB core.

At first glance this seems like a steal for the Eagles, considering Ernie Sims was a first round pick in 2006 and already has three seasons of 110+ tackles on his resume. Of course, he only tallied 49 tackles a year ago and word is the Lions have soured on him as a player. But for a fifth round pick? I'll take the chance that the Lions are just stupid and that the Eagles just got themselves a very good player for a marginal pick. Plus, Sims had a few injuries last year so those 49 tackles were somewhat due to that. If it doesn't work was just a fifth round pick anyway.

The Eagles still hold 10 picks, including five of the first 87 picks, so expect more wheeling and dealing before and during this year's draft. For those who don't know, this year's first round is actually on Thursday this week, in primetime.

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  1. I like this trade a lot. We give up our lowest 5th rd pick for a former first-round talent with 3 (out of 4) good seasons. dude played for like 25 bajillion different coaches (give or take several zillion). the eagles may provide the perfect steadying presence for his career.