Friday, April 16, 2010

TheWizWit Wallpaper Wednes....FRIDAY!

Okay, okay, so I know we've missed a few weeks. Stop thinking about slicing your arm longways, move that carefully positioned chair from under the noose in your kitchen, and no more pondering your suicide note (you won't be missed anyway) -- we're back.

Donovan McNabb...the name is forever cemented in Philly sports lore. The all-time leader in nearly every Eagles' passing statistic, the all-time leader in disconnected weirdness, and the 4-time NFC Championship silver medalist has finally left the nest to play for division foe, the Washington Racistnames Redskins.

It's difficult for those outside of the Philadelphia to truly comprehend Dirtpass McSoupSlurp's relationship with Philadelphia. Yes, we booed him on draft day. Yes, we hated his post-interception smiles. Yes, we wanted to jump through the television and punch him in the throat every time he tossed a ball at the shoelaces of our receivers only to do that "my bad" chest pat thing. But those aren't the (only) reasons we wanted him gone.

Frankly, he wasn't a good cultural fit in Philadelphia. Race aside -- and yes Philadelphia has its share of racists -- his awkward charisma and bad Michael Jackson dances are the complete opposite of what Philly fans want to see from their QB. We want passion. We want fire. And, most of all, we want CHAMPIONSHIPS. We certainly don't want this.

Perhaps if Donovan was drafted by, say, San Diego he would be the most beloved and successful African American quarterback of all time by now. But he wasn't. And neither he nor the Philadelphia faithful should be blamed for this disconnect.

Point is, he's gone. He may not have wanted to go, but he's gone. So from now until his career is ended behind the Redskins' porous O-line, we must live with the consequences of our decisions.

With that, I present Donovan McNabb, Single-Tear Redskin!

I'll miss you Donovan, even if you are a loser.

Many thanks to TWW friend Joey C. for crafting this beauty.


  1. I heard that a single tear from McNabb can cure cancer, too bad he doesn't cry when he looses, he only smiles...

  2. That picture is perfect. I wish I had it framed, hanging in my living room as a subtle reminder to guests that they should properly dispose of both their trash and their QB's.