Monday, August 2, 2010

Madden Imitating Life or Life Imitating Madden?

All the real Madden fans out there -- the fantasy drafters, the ones who stand in line at midnight, the guy whose combination of dominance and arrogance starts fights amongst his friends and online 15 year-old's alike -- fully understand what's really goin on with LB Moises Fokou now playing DE: Andy Reid is using Madden techniques to increase his stats.

As you may know, there is a feature in the Madden video game that allows you to change a players position thus altering his overall rating at that position. Sometimes, depending on the player, your moving of a LB to a DE will result in a stat increase. Sometimes it's a big increase.

Now don't come at me with all this logical coaches-have-been-doing-that-for-years-and-that's-why-the-friggin-feature-is-in-the-game nonsenseness. I'M NOT FEELIN THAT RIGHT NOW. Madden came out in 1989 when Sean McDermott was 15 years old. As a teenager who loved football...cmon. His ass was gaming.

Or at least that's what I have convinced myself for the sake of this post.  Moving a so-so LB to the DE spot is a classic Madden move that any advanced gamer abuses.  McDermott is showing his youth right here and I like it.  Also, doesn't this seem like something the Eagles do a lot?  Alex Hall, Ricky Sapp, Daniel T'e-w8323R2D2, Chris Gocong...what positions do  these guys play?  Why are the Eagles constantly trying to cheat the game out of a couple ratings points?

But yeah, sure.  Try Fokou at DE.  Maybe he can get in on this 20-man D-line rotation.

Completely unrelated: you know what makes me happy? Morning tweets from Kanye West that say shit like "This is gonna be a dope ass day" and Saturday 2AM tweets that say "GREEEEEEEY GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOSE!!!! hahhahahahahaaaaaa!" That motherfocker is brilliance on ice.


  1. The eagles are smart, they draft these tweener players for their special teams skills, they are rarely gonna play a snap in their listed positions, but a bunch of semi-fast, fairly large, desperate, tight end hybrid D ends, use their special strength to excel on special teams. We could sure use an Ike Reese out there!

  2. Which is why the Eagles STs has blown the past few years. The Eagles outsmart themslves constantly, namely Reied.

    These hybrid DEs dont really pan out, if you havent noticed yet.