Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The Day Has Come

Phillies vs. Yankees
Philadelphia vs. New York
Red vs. Blue
Lee vs. Sabathia
Howard vs. A-Rod
White Trash vs. Sleazy Guidos
Steaks vs. Pizzas
New Jersey vs. New Jersey

Remove all of the Jay-Z from your iPod, watch a Will Smith movie, and masturbate to Rocky with Cheez Whiz lube. ITS WORLD SERIES TIME!!!

Here we go.

All of the storylines have been written. All of the matchups have been analyzed. Everything that needs to be said, has been.

I will instead leave you with a trivia question dug up by Chris. If you haven't heard this yet, I'm sure Joe Buck will mention it at some point tonight.

Q: Which two opposing players in tonight's game were almost college teammates of one another - in a sport that WASN'T baseball?
A: Shane Victorino and CC Sabathia. Victorino and Sabathia nearly became teammates on the University of Hawaii's football team. Victorino was a slick moving, speedster of a slot receiver (think Wes Welker-ish) and Sabathia was a highly regarded tight end (think...umm...Bubba Franks?) who signed a letter of intent with the school. Both decided to pursue their baseball dreams after being selected in the MLB draft. Neither ended up attending the school.

How about that....

Enjoy Game 1, kids.

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