Monday, October 26, 2009

Eagles / Redskins: Q & A!

Q: Remember last time when you called that blowout of the Raiders?
A: Shhhhhhut up.

Q: So are you cocky enough to call another blowout, guy?
A: Not even close.  Do you remember the two losses to the Redskins last year and how frustrating those were?  While I still think the Eagles are a FAR better team than these Injuns, Washington always plays us tough and I see no reason why they won't this time.  If there's a blowout, great -- but I'm not ready to assume a large margin of victory here.

Q: Will Jim Zorn giving up the playcalling duties to Sherm Lewis make a difference?
A: None. In fact, the unfamiliarity between Lewis and Redskins "Quarterback" Jason Campbell may have an adverse affect. Yes, Zorn deserves most of the blame for his teams' overall poor play. Yes, his playcalling has hurt them in several games this year (i.e. last week Clinton Portis breaks a run for 78 yards then they pass incomplete three straight times and kick a FG). Yes, Jim Zorn will be fired. But unless the team itself forms some sense of pride in their game (i.e. last weeks Raiders), the difference here will be negligible.

Q: So...running the ball. We gonna try that this week?
A: I sure hope so. The Redskins actually have a decent D line -- it's the QB play and poor coaching that has killed them. Sound a bit like the Raiders to you? Fat Andy won't make the same mistake two weeks in a row -- he'll hand it off more this week. Westbrook averaged 8.3 yards per carry last week, and we're gonna need him to get a few good runs to sell the play action later on in the game. Expect Shady to get a few more carries this week as well.

Q: Last week you said something about not worrying about Todd Herremans because of interior lineman depth. Changing your tune?
A: Wow, you're on my back this week, huh? One bad game and I get treated like this? Anyway, I'm not completely changing my tune, but the addition of Herremans will play a part in this game. O-line play was the major factor to losing that game last week, and getting a starter back always helps.  Also, because Jason Peters is playing hurt, the Eagles now have the luxury of using LG Herremans as a LT if Peters were to go down again. Remember, Todd was actually picked by many to be the successor of Tra Thomas last year before the birds jumped on Peters.  The depth at Guard allows us to plug guys in if Herremans were to move out to Tackle.

Q: What will the Eagles do with new LB acquisition Will Witherspoon?
A: He's our starting MLB, believe it or not. With less than a week to prepare, Witherspoon should be on the field for the majority of downs in the middle. He has a significant familiarity of the defense having played under Jim Johnson disciple Steve Spagnuolo, so Andy is throwing him in immediately. While this probably means a less robust buffet of defensive plays for Sean McDermott to choose from, we don't really have a choice. Omar Gaither is gone for the year and Trotter is slower than retarded molasses. The good news, though, is that Witherspoon has more natural talent at LB than anyone else on the Eagles roster -- Stuart Bradley included.

Q: Should we see more of Mike Vick this week?

A: Probably not. While I'm sure Andy would love to throw in some Vick trickery against the Skins, he'll probably keep the game plan simple to beat an inferior opponent. I would personally love to see some Wildcat direct snaps to our RBs or DeSean Jackson, as these have proved to be the most effective use of the formation. I think Vick will get a couple chances out there, but nothing game changing. At some point, though, Andy is going to have to unleash some Wildcat passing plays with Vick to up his trade value and/ know...gain yards.

Q: So you're sure you don't want to predict a blowout?
A: I'm sure.

Q: Pussy.
A: What? That's not even a question!

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