Thursday, September 23, 2010

In Poor Investments News...

This pic was snapped during last night’s Phillies win. Why on earth would someone pay actual dollars to own a Chan Ho Park jersey? This team is full of stars to choose from, yet Chan Ho is the winner? There's really no defending your decision, sir.

Also, I'm pretty sure when Chan Ho Park was a member of the Phillies, the nameplate read as "Park", not "Chan Ho". I'm quite certain he didn't get the Yao or Ichiro treatment with his first name on the back of the jersey (or last name even though it's said that how it works?  And is that just a Chinese/Japanese thing?). Anyway, either you got ripped off - or much worse - you went and purchased a custom Chan Ho Park jersey. And if that's the case, all 45,310 people last night should've shown you what the five fingers said to the face. Keep the Chan Ho jersey deep in the back of the closet. Right next to your David Bell and Rheal Cormier jerseys and that memory from middle school sleepover camp.

Many thanks to TWW friend Ivey for sending it over to us.


  1. And if you're going to get a custom Chan Ho Park jersey, isn't "Ho Park" the way to go?

  2. he's probably asian..

  3. If he's Korean it's acceptable. In other news, I typed "chan ho park" into my google toolbar and the first two options in the "autocomplete" were "chan ho park" (of course) and "chan ho park diarrhea"

  4. korean or not, his jersey is whack since it doesnt simply say Park. but yes, diarrhea quote from earlier this year was great. if you didnt see it, he blamed diarrhea on his poor pitching performance in an interview.