Friday, October 8, 2010

Opinion: You All Better F*cking Support the Flyers

By TWW friend Anonymous
I understand that Hockey is an afterthought to many sports fans around the country, primarily because it is not an “American” game, and national media coverage limits any type of in-depth knowledge of the players and story lines that can make sports more attractive. There are a lot of foreigners with crazy names, and not enough black guys to gauge athleticism. I get it. But this isn’t the rest of the country, this is Philadelphia, and here in Philadelphia, we love us our Flyers.

Let’s not forget that the Flyers were in the Cup last season. Regardless of how it happened, we were there, and it was a great series that really elevated the status of hockey in this town. The Winter Classic, the Olympics, and the Playoffs were captivating as hell. Even Maurice watched them. Hockey is a great sport, and for those of you who just made a Ruxin face at that comment, F U -- your ostentatious ignorance and narrow minded provincialisms are cockblocking your senses, homey. Yous guys need to get up for this championship caliber team and welcome back our boys in the Orange and Black this season with the same amount of Philly passion you delve out toward the Phillies and Eagles! Don’t be a Phugasi Phan, it’s 4 for 4 or nothing.



  1. I don't watch hockey because I don't understand it. I get the basics, but I have a really hard time seeing the strategy behind the game. It seems like every team employs the same basic strategies, just some play fast and some play slow. I'm being very ignorant indeed, but the announcers don't help. People always criticized John Madden for pointing out the obvious, but the NHL needs a guy like that. Hockey announcers call the game like they're on the damn radio. Its like, dude I can see the puck, just tell me what the fuck the team is trying to do other than pass it around till some one can put a shot on goal.

    I find that most hockey fans are people that grew up playing hockey. Anyway, I can't do two winter sports. I'd have to tone down my Sixers fanaticism, and I can't bring myself to do that.

  2. I'd rather watch paint dry than an NBA game.

  3. Real anonymous here, it's ok lil Wetz, I don't want you tuning anything down, it's just that hockey is a fast paced, physical game, that involves alot of skill and talent. It's my favorite sport, and i totally get that im in the minority here, and actually, i prefer it that way. I love the Sixers too. I love all my teams, even the Union. Im sure your capable of opening your heart to the Flyers- they're a great team. If my girlfriend can follow the game, i'm sure you can too

  4. Ok, I'll try to watch a few games. Baby steps.