Monday, December 28, 2009

Eagles Lose Jackson For Season

What, REALLY?!?!? Jackson is out for the season? SHIT!

Ok, so it's not DeSean, it's Jamaal. But it's still sucks big time. Jamaal Jackson, who had easily been the Eagles most consistent lineman this year, was hurt in yesterday's should-have-been-a-blowout-but-it-wasn't-cause-we're-retarded win over Denver. It impacted the Eagles immediately as Nick Cole, who moved over from right guard, f'ed up two snaps that 1) caused a fumble and 2) caused a false-start penalty. Wonderful.

Andy Reid said during his press conference today that those mistakes should be ironed out with a full week of practice. Let's hope so, since Jason "false-start" Peters (nickname courtesy of my brother) hasn't exactly had his timing down this year even with Jackson at center.

Max Jean-Gillies will take Cole's spot at right guard, although Reid mentioned that Stacy Andrews will also be in the mix for that role. I pray that's not the case, the dude blows.

It will remain to be seen how much this hurts the Eagles moving forward. Hopefully Cole works out the kinks this week and the Eagles beat the shit out of Dallas on Sunday, get the two seed, rest up, beat the Vikings in the second round then waltz into New Orleans and secure a trip to the Bowl. Or the offensive line implodes, we lose to Dallas, go back to Dallas the next week, lose again and we're all pissed.

I'm hoping for the former.

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