Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Athletes on Weird Teams

So I was watching the Lakers game and I thought, "Wow, Karl Malone was a Laker at one point, wasn't he?"

Then I got to thinking of what other players ended their careers in strange jerseys. Then I thought, Durr, I should write a post about that.

I then realized that I'm stupid. There was sure to be a post about that somewhere already. So I searched. And found this one. Then this one. And this one.

So as I began to give up on the idea, I realized how much fun I was having looking at these over-the-hill superstars trying to squeeze in a couple more years of paychecks. Post was back on.

Sure, McNabb looks a bit weird in his Redskins jersey, but do you remember Patrick Ewing on the Sonics*? How about Reggie White (RIP) on the Panthers? Babe Ruth on the Boston Braves? What? Plenty of mindfucks here.

Michael Jackson and ET after the jump.

*Who are the Sonics?

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  1. I didn't read the disclaimer and I just shit myself.