Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Worst. Pants. Ever.

This is Donovan McNabb at his charity football camp. And he’s wearing manpris.

Come on DMac...you really sporting those in public? Were all your jorts in the laundry?

I mean seriously, somehow these things are tight and baggy all at the same time. The length is ridiculous and the strings are even worse. There’s even a bit of flare at the bottom.

And quad pockets? I see that you've hidden your dignity in the bottom-right one. Good call.

[photo via misterirrelevant.com]


  1. I never realized how big a douche bag McNabb was until he was traded. I must say it was somewhat upsetting losing the guy we've rooted for for the past 10 years, but he makes it easier to get over by being such a tool.

  2. kid at camp: "he's got weed on him! check his right...front...bottom pocket!"

    and eric, i've felt that mcnabb was how he is for a while. c'mon...air guitar? michael jackson dances? who are you -- AC Slater? he's fckin corny.

    KK and the Vick man twentyten!

  3. I guess you're right, I think I just looked the other way on his corniness