Saturday, July 24, 2010

Yet Another Lebron Post: Lebrontourage

What I believe to be the core of the Lebron James argument, in a very small nutshell:

The older generation thinks the younger generation has a sense of self-entitlement. They also feel that the younger generation is lazier and less competitive than their generation.

Jordan is John McClane, Kobe is Maximus, and Lebron is Vincent Chase*. [Justin Johnson, Detroit]

I guess if Lebron is Vinnie Chase, Wade is Ari, and Bosh is E...maybe Big Z is Drama?

*Jay-Z looks like a blind gay Denzel Washington


  1. If Jordan is John McClane, does that mean Pippen is Karl Winslow? And who is Hans? Malone?

  2. I think Hans would be Jerry Sloan. And Malone would be the big, tall angry blonde terrorist that was Hans' right hand man. I actually think his name was Karl in the movie, so it seems appropriate. Stockton is the skinny black guy thats using the computer to break into the vault the whole movie.