Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Ugly Chick Dropkicks the Hell Out of Two Skinny, Less-Ugly Chicks

"Dropkick" may not be the correct term here, more of a front kick or Big Boot. I fucking love the Big Boot. One of my all-time favorite wrestling moves. Throw some dude against the ropes and he just comes running full speed back at you right into your heel. Why doesn't he just stop running? Who knows. What I do know, is that this video has proven that the practical use of this front kick/big boot maneuver in a real-life fight environment (outside of a club) is useful.

So watch out, club-going-tough-guys-who-wanna-start-shit-outside-the-club. There's a 6'6" blogger who will front kick your shit into a two-day hospital visit you can't afford.

Also, what is it with girl fights that stop them from being able to jump someone? There's THREE OF YOU. This ain't Enter the Dragon. You don't have to wait for the ugly broad to beat up your friend before you attack. If all of you just punch at the same time, it's curtains. Jeez.

h/t Unathletic

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