Thursday, August 12, 2010

Was This "The" Game?

Every season there seems to be a game when you know things are turning around. In 2007 it was this game. In 2008, it was this one. And last year it was this. It happens every year, the one game comes along when suddenly it all clicks and the Phils take off. In '07 and '08 that came off of huge wins against the hated Mets. Last year, it was a huge blowout of the Reds right before the All-Star break. This year? Well...hopefully it's tonight's incredible comeback against the Dodgers.

It's an understatement to say that this season hasn't gone as planned so far. After all the injuries and bad play and Joe Blanton, it would be easy to write this team off (which I've almost done twice so far). But, games like this keep us believing there is a chance. Games like this keep us thinking "maybe this crazy ride doesn't have to end this year."

For one second, let's take a look at Broxton's epic collapse in 9th inning:

P Polanco hit by pitch.
M Sweeney walked, P Polanco to second.
J Werth walked, P Polanco to third, M Sweeney to second.
B Francisco grounded into fielder's choice to left, P Polanco and M Sweeney scored on error by third baseman C Blake, J Werth to second.
C Ruiz doubled to deep left center, J Werth and B Francisco scored.

Wow. Almost unbelievable, except that we've seen a lot of this over the past few years. Not only have our Phillies made a habit of coming back just when you thought they were dead, but they've absolutely owned Broxton for over two years now. They make the guy look like Adam Eaton, only less gay and more fat. Hell, he didn't even record an out tonight against a Phillies lineup missing THREE All-Stars (and a Ross Gload Face). Suffice it to say, Philadelphia is his daddy.

So, let's hope this is the game. Let's hope our Phils take off from here (hell, they've pretty much already taken off, they're 16-4 in their last 20 games), catch the Braves and head into the playoff ready to dominate. Sounds about right to me.

Go Phils.

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