Thursday, August 12, 2010

Air Force 1's Don't Have Anything on Mike Schmidt

Nike recently released a new line of shoes for baseball legends called the "Nike Trainer 1.2 Mid". Former Phillie Mike Schmidt was one of five players chosen to be part of Nike's 'Legends Pack' of the special edition shoes. (Several other athletes are associated with the standard Trainer Mid, but we're just looking at the Legends Pack.)

As you probably guessed, the pic above is Schmidt's. The color scheme of each shoe is comprised of that players’ uniform colors. In addition, each legend has their own unique and personalized logo on the shoe as well, so that’s kinda cool. Schmidt's was created with his jersey number '20' while using the Phils' 1980 logo as inspiration.

The other legends with new shoes in the line are Ken Griffey Jr, Nolan Ryan, Bo Jackson, and future HoF’er Albert Pujols. You can check each one out HERE.  Personally, I think Schmidt’s and Ryan’s are a lot cooler than the other three, but then again, what do I know. Certainly nothing about spending $125 on sneakers.

[h/t outofbounds.nbcsports]

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