Thursday, August 12, 2010

What Can the Eagles Trade To Get Rex Ryan?

Goddamn Rex Ryan is entertaining. To anyone who has ever read Drew Magary's comedic interpretation of Rex Ryan, last night's Hard Knocks with the Jets on HBO was a complete mindfuck. The line between art and life was so blurry that the whole hour just turned into hilarious and inspirational foul-mouthed soundbytes from Buddy's son. Hell, at one point Bart Scott even called Mark Sanchez "Nacho," which is Magary's Rex Ryan's nickname for his hispanic QB.

Whether it was Rex's speech on "leading the league in fucking wins" (see below) or telling his team that they'll have a better "fucking" vacation than him because he'll "be cruising around the Baltic with the in-laws and shit," the whole thing was dripped up and draped out in awesome.

So...Maclin and a 4th? I'D DO THAT DEAL RIGHT NOW.

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