Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Oh, You Thought This Was Cool?

You were sorely mistaken, hombre. I'm not even sure what exactly it is you're going for here, but I can assure you it's not funny or clever. This customized piece of doo-doo is nothing but a colossal waste of money. No one is seriously tapping you on the shoulder to compliment you on this glorified sweat rag without immediately turning back to his friends for some chuckles.

It's a little sad considering the guy appears to be an older gentleman. I base that on the scientific evidence of his old-looking back-of-the-head and on account of the quarter turtleneck peeking out from under the jersey. The poor fella probably has no idea how dumb this purchase was, or why he always gets stuck with the ugly chicks.

h/t Joe Sports Fan


  1. this guy is an absolute jackass

  2. Terrible. This kind of display happens way too often. Check out Puck Daddy's articles on Yahoo! Sports. People send him jersey fouls and he posts a few every couple weeks. It needs to stop!