Wednesday, January 12, 2011

So This Is Why Phonebooks Still Exist

Yeah, that's right. Those pics are carved out of frickin phonebook! Located in Philadelphia's Northern Liberties, 'Projects Gallery' has a number of ridiculously talented artists. Notably, Alex Queral, who crafted the phonebook masterpieces you see above.

The time, precision, and skill that go into creating these portraits is stupefying. Granted, my artistry begins and ends with stick figures, Microsoft Paint, and wack pumpkin carving - but I know incredible skills when I see em.

Wanna see more of his work? You can check out a bunch of his other portraits in the gallery here. Not into phonebook faces? Well, you uncultured shit, click here for a skull made of French fries that you might enjoy.

h/t TheChive via Barstool Sports

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