Friday, October 23, 2009 Presents...Your Fantasy Basketball Big Board

The NBA season will be in full swing in less than a week, and we have compiled a Top 50 list of players to help you get through the first 5 rounds of your fantasy draft.  If you pay attention and do as we say, you should end up with a pretty solid core of players to build upon later in the draft.  Don't be the dope who reaches 3 rounds too high for a guy or passes up a potential stud because you think you know more than you actually do.  So without further ado, here it is -'s 2009-2010 Fantasy Basketball Big Board.

Live by it.  Draft by it.  Win by it.

Fantasy Basketball Top 50





Chris Paul, NO

Interchangeable with LeBron at this spot, really depends how you want to construct the rest of your team


LeBron James, CLE

If you need me to tell you something about him, you should probably pick another sport


Dwyane Wade, MIA

Proved he can stay healthy for a full year and can absolutely carry your squad


Kevin Durant, OKC

Up and coming star in the league, he may have stretches where he struggles with his FG %, but the rewards outweigh any risk


Danny Granger, IND

Another great, young up and coming star who is only getting better; his ability to block shots is a huge plus too


Kobe Bryant, LAL

Probably the safest #6 pick ever


Dirk Nowitzki, DAL

He may fall further than here in your draft, if he does it’s a nice steal; he’s not flashy or ‘fun’ but still a huge producer


Derron Williams, UTA

Can't get a better consolation prize as your starting PG, he'll post huge numbers


Dwight Howard, ORL

Bump him way down if you're in a ROTO league, you can even reach a spot or two higher than this if you're in a H2H league


Amare Stoudemire, PHX

With Shaq gone this team should go back to their run-and-gun ways; he does come with some injury concerns though


Brandon Roy, POR

Only getting better and someone I’m personally high on; would consider taking him even higher than this


Pau Gasol, LAL

Bump him up if you're in a ROTO league; can't get a center that provides solid numbers to the assist category


Chris Bosh, TOR

Hard to find a category he won’t help you in


Al Jefferson, MIN

Was a 20-10 machine before he went down last year, word is that he's healthy and will be ready for the start of the season


Andre Iguodala, PHI

The offense runs through Iggy and he helps in almost every category; he’s fringe 1st round fantasy talent


Chauncey Billups, DEN

Effective in all areas of the fantasy game, look to draft him as your #1 PG in the third round


Jose Calderon, TOR

Great %’s with few weaknesses; the addition of Turkoglu should help as well


Carmelo Anthony, DEN

Don’t confuse him with some of the guys in the top 10 – he can’t carry your fantasy team but get him as your second (or third if he falls) and you’ll be sitting real pretty


Antawn Jamison, WAS

With Arenas back his production may fall a bit, but still a great producer


Joe Johnson, ATL

Will complement your first few picks nicely as he contributes in multiple categories; don’t let the presence of Crawford steer you away


Devin Harris, NJ

The main guy on a bad team and a star in the making; lots of free throws made too


Steve Nash, PHX

Starting to slow down a bit, but still great source for assists and %’s


Caron Butler,  WAS

Helps you in every category and at this spot is a steal


Tim Duncan, SA

Risky because he’ll undoubtedly sit every now and then for rest – only target him in Roto leagues


Gerald Wallace, CHA

Injury prone, but produces when he’s able to make it on the court


Kevin Garnett, BOS

With a great supporting cast, his age and injury history, he’s not leaned on as much as he used to be.  Don’t live in 2006 or you’ll overpay


Kevin Martin, SAC

Primary scorer on a bad team means lots of offense; not much help in way of rebounds and assists though


Brook Lopez, NJ

You’ll probably need to take him on a reach since top centers are hard to come by but he should get even better


Troy Murphy, IND

Very doubtful he matches last year’s totals, but he’s center eligible and good source of 3’s and boards


Jason Kidd, DAL

Honestly probably wouldn’t take him here, I’m not much of fan – this is out of respect more than anything else


Vince Carter, ORL

Lots of mouths to feed in Orlando this year, let someone else draft him


Paul Pierce, BOS

Should do just about what he does every year – you know what you’re getting here


LaMarcus Aldridge, POR

Has improved every year and plays a ton of minutes

David West, NO

Chalk up 20pts, 9 rebounds, and block per game


Gilbert Arenas, WAS

If healthy, he could pick up right where he left off in 2007 (28ppg) and be a steal – but injury concerns will always be there


Rashard Lewis, ORL

Numbers should stay about what they were last year, but 20ppg or higher is unlikely with Carter eating up shots now


Josh Smith, ATL

Potential fantasy stud if he could get his head in the right place


Derrick Rose, CHI

Great young player who will only get better but my hunch is someone in your league will jump the gun on him


Shawn Marion, DAL

All stats have digressed the past few years; J-Kidd dishing passes could help but he’s far removed from being a first round talent


Ben Gordon, DET

He’ll do plenty of scoring and banging down 3’s just as he did in Chicago


Rajon Rondo, BOS

Think of young Jason Kidd; he will probably out-produce him in this spot so try to steal him


David Lee, NY

Stats probably won't get better than last year, but he's playing for a big contract in 2010


Andrea Bargnani, TOR

Played out of his mind after the All Star break last year; no telling which guy you’re drafting


Andris Biedrins, GS

Great rebounder but will kill your FT %

Mehmet Okur, UTA

Luxury of 3’s from your Center spot, just make sure you draft a PF who will help you in blocks b/c you’re not getting them from Okur


Monta Ellis, GS

Will average over 20ppgand help in the steals category


Jason Richardson, PHO

Overall numbers should increase over last year; played better once Terry Porter  got canned


Baron Davis, LAC

Risk out-weigh rewards, but if he has a bounce back you’ll be very happy


Carlos Boozer, UTA

Injury prone guy who seems to always miss significant time but double-double threat otherwise


Elton Brand, PHI

Buyer beware – another injury prone guy, very high risk/high reward

There you have it - hopefully this will help you out in your draft this year.  As I said earlier, if you used this Top 50 as a guide, you should end with a solid core of 5 players. 

Need help finding some diamonds in the rough during the later rounds?  Don't want to reach on player that might end up being a bust?  Well you're in luck. Wetz will be around later to help you out with that.

Happy drafting!

1 comment:

  1. 1st draft this year I got the following in a 10 team league rds 1-5:
    1- Amar'e Stoud
    2-Chris Bosh
    3- Melo
    4- Baron Davis
    5- OJ Mayo <--- love this kid!

    oh, and a steal in the 6th i got Jameer Nelson who will put up plenty of good numbers with a full season without injury. oh, and Ben gordon in the 7th... haha.